Children and


Enjoy shared time with your family and friends. You can draw energy from the Kuopio region’s relaxed and genuine atmosphere. The beauty of nature and the pleasant living environment, with excellent services, make Kuopio an attractive place to live. Kuopio is known as a good environment for children to grow up in. In an image survey conducted by the market research company Taloustutkimus (Muuttohalukkuus 2014), Kuopio is ranked among the best cities to live in.

A clean and safe environment helps you enjoy your life and hobbies. The special strengths of the Kuopio region are its favourable environment for children to grow up in and its pleasant living conditions. For the image factors surveyed, Kuopio ranks in the top ten cities. There is also increasing investment in recreation and exciting leisure activities for the whole family. For example, see what the Bellanranta Activity Centre in Kuopio and the Leppis Adventure Park in Leppävirta have to offer. Click here for more leisure attractions.

In the Kuopio region, inspiration, caring and the freedom to be yourself are forces of nature that together constitute unique phenomena, experiences and success stories. That’s why the Kuopio region is a favourable environment for experts, businesses and new generations.

Education, healthcare and other services for the young: