”The Kuopio region is a place where people have understood something about life. This is reflected in the rhythm of life and in human interactions. It is felt as wind in your sails when working, running a business and studying. It tastes of life in the city night and the warmth of the home.”

On the Kuopio region web pages, we report on what’s happening in Kuopio and the surrounding area – things related to studying, moving, living and regional tourism.

You can draw energy from the Kuopio region’s relaxed and genuine atmosphere. The beauty of nature and the pleasant living environment, with excellent services, make Kuopio an attractive place to live. Within a single municipality, there is a diversity of businesses, an international and vibrant university city and one of the country’s biggest year-round tourist centres, Tahko. The zone formed by Kuopio, Tahko and the neighbouring districts has a population of nearly 250,000 people.

Kuopio is also well known for its many events, such as the Kuopio Dance Festival, the Finland Ice Marathon, Rock Cock and the ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival.

Kuopio’s surrounding municipalities are Iisalmi, Lapinlahti, Siilinjärvi, Tuusniemi, Leppävirta, Varkaus, Keitele, Pielavesi, Rautalampi, Suonenjoki, Tervo and Vesanto.